We Can Listen

At We Can Listen, we strive to build community, educate, and share the positive impact that truly listening to diverse voices can have on us all. Through a cultural intersection of storytelling, film, music, poetry, dance, and personal expression we support individuals and grass roots organizations as they raise their voices on compelling social justice issues Portlanders have demonstrated are important to them. We hope these personal stories will reach audiences they haven’t reached before, and provide the opportunity, for all who hear them, to increase their understanding of issues that require action and awareness in our greater community.

Moderated by Grammy-nominated local recording artist and theatrical performer Julianne Johnson, each We Can Listen event explores a topic of current, social, political, or
environmental importance in an atmosphere of trust and respect for both speakers and audience alike. The We Can Listen production team acts as a supportive base by providing stage, format, and promotion for local organizations as they design their own program to specifically address their concerns and causes in a way that is meaningful for them. Whatever issue is topical for the presenters is what our audience hears, and they hear it from the presenter’s perspective.

We would be honored to dedicate an evening to your voice, your community and your cause.

All voices have the right to
be heard and all forms of
expression are presented:
storytelling, documentary,
film, music, art, poetry, dance, and personal expression, today’s
most important social justice
issues are presented.

Moderator and Host Julianne R Johnson

Born and raised in Portland, Julianne’s involvement in the community is timeless. Her warmth, compassion and ability to reach hearts and minds makes her a wonderful host and moderator. Actress, Director, Grammy nominated recording artist and celebrated international entertainer, Julianne is also the music director at PCC Sylvania and in her spare time gives back to teaching youth.